Maintenance Tips

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  •           . Use marble slabs instead for marble tiles to have uniformity in design               and less no. of joints.
  •           . Use prepolished Green marble for skirting/border close to wall.
  •           . Do the mirror polishing after all the painting/carpentry work gets               over.
  •           . Do not use fabric or vessel cleaning liquid for marble floor cleaning.
  •           . Use LOC (liquid organic cleaner)
  •           . Avoid using acids on marble flooring.
  •           . Repolish the marble when the floor losses the glossy finish.
  •           . Use plaster of Paris to cover the unpolished white marble/polished               granite surface to avoid staining/scratches.
  •           . Use of Brass strip for the marble joint is not recommended since it               becomes black when exposed to air/water